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Matcha Miyako

Kiku Kaori Hojicha 60g

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Kiku Kaori is a premium Hojicha Tea with an extremely refined taste and pleasant aroma.

Compared to Ogura Kaori, it is made from even higher quality tea leaves and tea stems, and is roasted to a softer finish, resulting in a lighter color. Its special quality is also indicated by its name, which means "scent of the chrysanthemum".

How and what is it made of?

The freshest leaves from the first harvest of the year are blended with high-quality, select tea stems and then roasted. Interestingly, these tea stems come from the leaves of tea bushes grown under a shade, which are also ground into powder to make matcha.

60 grams, can type

This product contains 10 pcs x 6g Teabags, in an airtight can, that helps keep the tea in perfect condition even after opening it. Store in a cool, dry place.

One can is enough for 30 servings of tea, as you can make 3 servings with one teabag.

Best before: approx. 6-7 months


What are the characteristics of hojicha?

  • Hojicha is a popular tea in Japan, which people like to drink at home and is often also served in restaurants.
  • It is produced by roasting the bigger leaves and stems of green tea, creating a pleasant aroma and a reddish-brown color.
  • It has to be prepared using boiling water.
  • It has a low caffeine content and a calming effects.

We ship our products from Japan, therefore you may have to pay customs fees or taxes depending on the country of delivery!

kiku kaori

How to prepare the Hojicha Tea?

It is very easy to prepare Hojicha, you only have to be careful about the amount of water and the infusion time. As this product comes in packed teabags (6gr), you will not have to measure the correct amount of tea per serving.

  • Step 1

    Prepare 200ml boiling water.

    It is best to use soft, clean water. When using tap water, open the lid of the kettle to get rid of any smell of chlorine.

  • Step 2

    Place the tea bag in a cup or Japanese-style teapot (250-380ml). Pour hot water onto it, then move the tea bag up and down a few times to achieve a fuller taste (do not do this for too long or the tea may get bitter).

  • Step 3

    Leave the tea to soak for 30 seconds. Then remove the teabag. When using a Japanese-style teapot, be sure to pour all the tea! (This is important as you can use one tea bag for three servings.)

Three times the pleasure!

1 Teabag x 3 servings

One of the best characteristics of Hojicha is that you can make three servings using the same leaves.

The Japanese call this first, second and third tea respectively. The taste will be slightly different each time, which is another special pleasure.

The tea can be soaked a little longer for the second and third serving, according to taste.