Terms of service

Terms and Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions ("GTC") contain the general contractual terms for the use of the web shop operated by SOLTESZ-JAPAN (head office: 603-8433, Japan, Kyoto, Kita-ku, Shichiku Kitakurisucho 23-2) as a service provider (hereafter "Service Provider").

The service provider operates as a private company registered in Japan, so it is obliged to act in accordance with local regulations in compliance with the law, the form and wording of which may differ from other countries.

Please use our services only if you agree with all the below points and understand they are binding on you. This document will not be filed, it will only be concluded in electronic form (it is not considered a written contract), and does not refer to a code of conduct.


Name of service provider: SOLTESZ-JAPAN

Name of person in charge/contact person: Péter Soltész

The seat of the service provider: 603-8433, Japan, Kyoto, Kita-ku, Shichiku Kitakurisucho 23-2

Phone number: +81 80 4986 3859

E-mail address: info@soltesz-japan.com

Shipping from Japan

Products ordered in the Matcha Miyako Webshop are shipped from Japan within 2-3 working days. Our customers can choose from the following services

Japan Post:

Air delivery service of Japan Post specializing in small international parcels called e-packet. * The delivery time is approximately 9 to 20 days depends on destination.

Weight limit: 2 kg

Insurance: up to 6,000 JPY (max) 

In the event of damage or loss of the package, a refund will be made up to the above value limit.

DHL Worldwide Express:

We have a contract with one of the world's largest international parcel delivery services, DHL courier service. Our customers can select to use the DHL Worldwide Express service when ordering. Delivery time is 3-5 workdays. Weight limit: none, you can even ship packages up to 30kg

Insurance: 30USD / 1kg In the event of damage or loss of the package, a refund will be made according to the above pricing.

*The Service Provider cannot assume responsibility for any postal delays that may occur. The coronavirus pandemic is also affecting international shipping/postage, and may cause further delays. Additional delays may also occur due to holidays such as the Christmas and New Year periods.


All our packages shipped with Japan Post and DHL have a tracking number, so their status can be viewed at any time. We notify our customers about the tracking numbers by email. (It may take some time for the tracking number of the package to be activated in the system after the packages are posted)

Japan Post: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/ems/delivery/index_en.html 

DHL: https://www.dhl.com/hu-hu/home/tracking.html

Taxes & Customs:

All physical products ordered in the service provider's web shop are shipped from Japan. Depending on the country of destination, the customer may have to pay customs duties or taxes during delivery. Such fees are determined by the customs office of the given country, and so are not included in the shipping costs, and must be paid completely by the customer in all cases.


From July 1, 2021, import VAT must be paid for all goods entering the EU, regardless of their value. In the case of goods with a value exceeding 150 euros, customs duties must be paid in addition to the import VAT. The customs value on which Customs Duty is calculated is the cost of the goods plus transport (including postage), any insurance and any handling charges to deliver the goods to the EU.The applicable duty rate depends on the type of the imported goods.

If you are looking for the most cost-effective option, it might be worth choosing the Japan Post delivery method instead of DHL express delivery.


Most packages with a declared value that is under $2000 USD will be cleared without any fees.


Orders below $1000 AUD are regarded as 'low value imports' by Australian customs. As of 01 July 2018, customs duties may apply to any goods imported from overseas by consumers in Australia. For more information please visit the Australian customs website.


Orders above $20 CAN require that you pay the applicable duties and the GST. For more information please visit the Canadian customs website.

If you would like to find out more about the rates, we recommend that you contact your local post office.

Insurance & Refund

In case the product you ordered has been damaged during shipping, please contact our customer service immediately at matcha@soltesz-japan.com and send us a photo with clearly visible details of the damage. All packages are insured up to a certain value according to their delivery method, for details see 'FAQ'. Orders can only be canceled before they are shipped, so please let us know as soon as possible.

We also try to ensure that all product information is accurate and complete, and that the shape, color and details of each product are clearly visible in the photographs. As orders are shipped abroad, it is not possible to exchange products ordered by mistake or due to user error, so please think carefully before you order.

If the customer decides that he does not need the product ordered and wants to return it, he has the option to do so within 7 working days after receiving the package. In this case, please contact our customer service at matcha@soltesz-japan.com. In case of exercising this right of withdrawal, the costs of returning the product shall be paid completely by the user. We can only take back the ordered product(s) in an undamaged (unopened) condition with complete contents. We will refund the amount of the order within 2 days after the return of the product(s) in the above condition. The refund will be made to the same account that the user used during the purchase.