Our online store is operating, but all orders between June 7-22 can only be shipped from Japan starting JUNE 23th!

In exchange for your patience, we offer a great gift!

If you order from our online store during our summer holiday, we will send you a Hojicha and Sencha Teabag Box Set shown in the picture, for free!

A Total of 8 pieces High-Quality Japanese Teas!

The Box contains 4 teabags of Sencha, i.e. loose-leaf Japanese green tea, and 4 teabags of Hojicha brown tea, which is made by roasting green tea. Both are the best Japanese quality from Marukyu Koyamaen.

They can be prepared immediately by adding hot water, but are also excellent cooled with some ice cubes in summer time!

Order during our summer holiday and enjoy the free teas!

So, If you order between June 7-22, we will be able to ship your package from Japan on June 23th at the earliest. However, we will thank you for your patience with the boxed set of teabags!
I understand the terms and will continue shopping!