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Four patterns

Our Japanese Matcha Tea Set is available in four patterns. Choose the one you like the most!


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Four Season Set

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A Thousand Years of History

Matcha (or maccha) is a Japanese type of powdered green tea, made with a special process that requires an extremely large amount of work. This special tea has a more than thousand years of history in Japan. In the beginning only nobles, high-ranking samurais and monks had to chance to drink Matcha.


Matcha tea was a luxury commodity held in such high esteem by the Japanese, that its preparation and consumption had its own special ceremony - this is called sado (or chado), which can be translated as the "The Way of Tea."

Eternal Youth

It is not easy to list all the benefits of Matcha. Besides numerous vitamins, it contains a large amount of catechins, that help keep our skin soft and help fight signs of aging, such as wrinkles. In olden times, Matcha was regarded as a drink that could help achieve eternal youth. Read about all the benefits of Matcha!


The popularity of matcha remains unbroken in todays’ Japan, and it is still considered to be a premium product of local gastronomy.

In Kyoto, the old capital, the exotic drink has a particularly strong culture, partly because the tea ceremony was originally developed in this area and partly because it is home to the most famous tea plantations, in the Uji region.

Modern gastro culture

Nowadays, of course, Matcha is no longer consumed solely in ceremonies - with the right tools, anyone can prepare it for themselves at home.

Due to its health benefits and rich aroma, the fine-grained tea powder is also a popular as a flavoring sweets and cakes in Japan.

What does the set contain?

1. Chawan - Japanese tea bowl

The set includes a beautiful Japanese ceramic teacup, which you can choose from among four designs!

The bowl is perfect for drinking matcha, but of course can be used to drink coffee or any type of tea. Every chawan is hand-made* (in Gifu, Japan) so each piece is unique.

Size: 11.8 x 7.7cm

*There may be slight differences in color shades and patterns.


/The first picture shows the dark blue version/

  • Pink

  • Brown-blue

  • Sakura

2. Kyoto Matcha Tea

The tea set also contains one can of Kyoto matcha tea. The Aoarashi is great for getting to know the original Japanese matcha teas: the taste is soft, not bitter, and it is easy to drink. You can feel the calm in every sip.

Capacity: 40 g (approx. 23 bowls of tea)

(An average bowl of matcha tea needs approx. 1.7 grams of tea powder.)

3. Chasen - bamboo whisk

The chasen is a tool specially developed for stirring matcha powder to help prepare a tea with a sufficiently frothy texture. Each whisk is a true masterpiece, an extremely fine little tool made of a single strand of bamboo.

This chasen has 100 "teeth"!

Size: 5.8 x 6.5 x 10.5 cm

4. Chashaku - bamboo scoop

The chashaku is a bamboo spoon, used to scoop the exact right amount of matcha tea powder. 

To make a matcha tea, you need 2 spoons of tea powder.

Size: 18 cm

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