Matcha Sweets Campaign!

January 16 - February 20

You have never tasted anything like this!

Between January 16 and February 20, with every order over 5,000 JPY (shipping costs excluded), we will send you some premium Japanese matcha sweets as a gift!

Authentic delicacies, directly from Kyoto!

Our gift set contains the following sweets, free of charge!

Matcha Saclet x 3 pcs

Pleasantly sweet, thin, crunchy wafer bars made with high-grade matcha. Their refined taste comes from the premium quality matcha, and also the white chocolate-like cream inside.

Uji Matcha GAUFRETTES x 2pcs

Crispy wafer biscuits filled with matcha cream. They're incredibly light, and yet have a rich aroma as they are made with the high-grade matcha YUGEN - which is also available in our online shop. A real delicacy!

Matcha Financier x 1pc

One of the most expensive pre-made matcha sweets produced by the Koyamaen brand. You can smell its pleasant aroma as soon as you open the package. The sponge cake flavored with almonds is in perfect harmony with the deep, dominant taste of matcha. The balance is just perfect.

Deadline: January 16 - February 20

Total 6pcs of Matcha Sweets!

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The total value of the sweets is approximately 800 JPY, but you can try them for FREE if you order now! Don't miss it!