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Matcha Miyako

Wakatake 100g matcha powder for cooking

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WAKATAKE represents the highest quality among Japanese matcha tea powders for kitchen use.

Thanks to its premium quality, WAKATAKE is able to retain its beautiful, bright color even after baking, while creating a perfect harmony between matcha and sweet flavors. It is excellent for making cakes, ice creams and creams, but you can easily make a fantastic matcha latte from it.

How many servings is it enough for?

It depends on the specific recipe, but in general you will need approximately 10 grams of matcha powder for cooking to prepare sweets and cakes. For simpler desserts, 3-5 grams is standard.


Matcha is extremely sensitive to moisture and humidity. Always store in a cool place or in the refrigerator after opening!

Best before: approx. 6 months

Made in Japan

This product was grown and canned at one of Japan's most famous tea plantations, the Uji Plantations in Kyoto.

Manufacturer: Marukyu Koyamaen

If your goal is to achieve the finest taste with Matcha, then WAKATAKE is the best choice! Moreover, uniquely among matcha baking powders, it can even be used to mate matcha tea.

We ship our products from Japan, therefore you may have to pay customs fees or taxes depending on the country of delivery!

Why do I need a specific Matcha for cooking?!

Matcha is an exclusive gastronomic product. Every gram counts. It is not advisable to use high-quality Matcha served as a tea for cooking, because the other ingredients (sugar, cream, etc.) suppress its rich aroma. (Also, due to the larger quantities used for cooking, Matcha Tea Powders would run out in seconds...)

On the other hand, Matcha Cooking Powders create a harmonious flavor with sweets, but they might be too tart for Tea.