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Matcha Miyako

Chasen - Bamboo Whisk

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The chasen was created for whisking powdered matcha with hot water. With its help, we can prepare our matcha tea in the right way and get a frothy texture which is really important. The handmade whisk is a true masterpiece carved out of a single piece of bamboo into fine strands.

There are several types of bamboo whisks. Their shape may differ depending on the Tea Ceremony school and basically they have 70-80 tines. Our chasen represents the standard type both in size and shape, and can be easily used by anyone. The number of tines however reaches 100 pieces (!), which makes it even easier to dissolve the matcha tea powder!

Size 5.8 x 6.5 x 10.5 cm

Things you need to know about using Chasen!

  • Before the first use put the chasen into hot water for a few minutes. This will make it softer a little.
  • Be careful not to press the strands too hard against the bottom of the cup.
  • Keep the chasen in a dry place. It is best to use a ceramic chasen holder, which also helps preserve the shape.

Practice makes perfect!

In the beginning you may feel a little difficult to whisk matcha and hardly get the right foamy texture. Don’t worry becauase it is the same for everybody. You will need some practice to get use to the bamboo whisk. A good way to practice is to pour some hot water into your bowl and try whisking it. The more you prepare matcha tea, the better you will become!

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