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Matcha Miyako

Sencha and Hojicha Tea Bags Box

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Two special Japanese teas in one package!

The box contains 4 bags of Sencha (loose leaf Japanese green tea), and 4 bags of Hojicha (roasted green tea, with a reddish-brown color). Both are of the highest Japanese quality, produced by Marukyu Koyamaen.

Both of the teas can be prepared by pouring hot water on them. They will warm you up very well in the winter, but can also be consumed in the summer, adding a few ice cubes.

Box size: 10.1 x 8 x 7 cm

Contens: 8 pcs of 3g tea bags (4 bags of Hojicha and 4 bags of Sencha). The tea bags are made of plant-based fibers that decompose naturally and are not harmful to the environment.

Best before: approx. 6-7 months


We ship our products from Japan, therefore you may have to pay customs fees or taxes depending on the country of delivery!


Hojicha Teabags

A reddish-brown colored tea with low caffeine content and a pleasant aroma. This tea is made from the roasted fresh leaves, stems or veins of the first tea harvest of the season. It has a unique, calming scent.

Pour 150 ml hot water on the tea bag and let it soak for 30-60 seconds. It is best to use soft, clean water. You can use the same tea bag twice!


Sencha Teabags

Japanese green tea with a fresh scent and pleasant taste. This tea is made from a blend of leaves and stems from the first tea harvest of the season and matcha. According to the Japanese, it has an outstanding taste of umami, which can be translated as a high-quality, refined taste.

For the best taste, use 80-90℃ water (150ml). It is best to use soft, clean water. You can use the same tea bag twice!